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Purple Oak Helps Partners Win Business

DMiDMi Technology Group is one Purple Oak partner who knows the value of partnering to create new sales opportunities and satisfied customers.

DMi sells and supports System 2000, an enterprise manufacturing system from VAI. Like most software resellers and consultants, DMi’s expertise is in the products they sell, not in bar coding and wireless networks. However, due to continued growth and evolving requirements in bar coding and data collection, more of DMi’s customers are asking for help automating their data collection process.

DMi received its first inquiry back in 1998. Their customer, Hodgman, Inc., wanted to extend their manufacturing system to add real time bar code data collection in the warehouse. DMi, began looking for a partner to help them incorporate bar coding and RF technology into their solution. Their search led them to Purple Oak, experts in bar code and RF solutions. The result was a partnership that has benefited many of DMi’s customers.

Purple Oak proposed a wireless network and hand held computers running terminal emulation. VAI created a set of data entry screens for System 2000 specifically tailored to fit the hand held computer display. The hand held computers function exactly as the desktop terminals, allowing the customer to extend their system to the shop floor, drastically improving the efficiency and accuracy of data collection.

Since that call in 1998, Hodgman, Inc., a distributor of outdoor goods, equipment, and apparel, has doubled the size of their facility, added new modules to System 2000, extended their wireless network, and added vehicle mount terminals to meet their data collection needs. Hodgman has been able to expand both their business and their business systems with ease because of the partnership between Purple Oak and DMi.

DMiImg2“Our partnership with Purple Oak has increased business opportunities for both of us, and has allowed us to provide our customers with a comprehensive solution that meets all their needs,” says Larry Voigt, Director of Marketing for DMi.

Joe DeCarlo, Purple Oak CEO, agrees. “As businesses implement new systems, they are looking at how they can use wireless and bar code technology to improve their profitability. Customers need an integrated solution. The Purple Oak/DMi partnership allows us to bring a complete solution to the customer.

Since the installation of Hodgman’s system in 1998, Purple Oak has worked with DMi to help other System 2000 customers use bar coding to make their data collection efforts more accurate and efficient. From simple bar code labeling solutions to complete wireless networks with hand held data collection, Purple Oak is helping DMi support its customers with bar code solutions.

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