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Reliable RPC Tracking System

ORBIS, a subsidiary of Menasha Corporation, is a manufacturer of reusable plastic containers (RPCs) for material handing, agricultural, automotive, and industrial applications. In addition, ORBIS offers value-added services such as logistics, cleaning, maintenance, and repair of RPCs after use. Nationally, they ship and receive hundreds of thousands of containers. RPCs circulate between suppliers, factories, and ORBIS service centers. A container's handling cycle may span days, weeks, or even months.


A reliable RPC tracking system was essential to ensure efficiency and to provide accurate inventory figures. Management needed clear visibility of all RPC transactions to bill accordingly. A bar code solution that performs shipping, receiving, and administrative functions was essential to service center operations.


Purple Oak offered LXE MX7 mobile computers and custom-built RPC inventory data collection software. The MX7 was chosen for its ruggedness and its potential for future applications. Each RPC is bar coded with a unique ID number on a durable, permanent tag. The mobile software collects shipping and receiving transactions in the ORBIS service center, and interfaces with ORBIS's enterprise RPC management software system.



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